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i can almost see it, that dream i'm dreaming

mix it all together & you know you've got the best of both worlds

Miley Ray Stewart
23 November
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miley ray stewart
{ secret pop star }
I can almost see it, that dream I'm dreaming, but there's a voice inside my head saying "you'll never reach it."

fandom highdormstownoocmiley

Name: Miley Ray Stewart
Fandom: Hannah Montana
PB: Miley Cyrus
Basic Info: here

Age: 17
Birthday: November 23
Year: Senior (Class of 2012)
Email: pinkfingerlessglove at gmail dot com
Big Sibling: Jack McCallister
Voicemail: POP-STAR

Adorkable | Idol Singer | Secret Identity | Sibling Rivalry | Paper Thin Disguise | Cute Clumsy Girl | Clark Kenting
Keeping Secrets Sucks | The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life | Daddy's Girl | Cool Loser | Zany Scheme
Catch Phrase | Missing Mom | Spoiled Sweet | All Girls Like Ponies | Annoying Younger Sibling | Little Miss Snarker

Dave Nelson | Caroline Forbes | Juliet Darling | Jeremy Darling | Jonothon Evan Starsmore

Spring 2012

Living Arrangements
311 with Surreal SaDiablo

What Was the School Board Thinking...? | Wednesday | Jeff Murdock and Jamie Madrox
So You're a Fugitive From Justice | Tuesday | Zayne Carrick

Fall 2011

Living Arrangements
311 with Surreal SaDiablo

Creative Arts | Monday | Steve Rogers
Tricks, Cons and Bamboozles | Wednesday | Neal Caffrey
The Elements of Friendship | Friday | Pinkie Pie

Radio | Tuesday

Summer II 2011

Living Arrangements
311 with Surreal SaDiablo
Courage Wolf with Jacob Black, Caroline Forbes, Lindsay Weir, Percy Jackson, Luke Castellan, and Quinn Fabray

How To Avoid Misadventure | Monday | Morrigan of the Wilds and Alistair
Cupcake War Crimes | Thursday | Samuel Anders and Stark
Physical Education | Friday | Guy Gardner

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